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A short in-game tutorial will teach you the basics.rnYou are in control of an Ultranought which can build several kinds of ships. The ships can be both used to keep enemy fleets away from your Ultranought and to attack the enemy base.rnBuilding ships requires a number of ship frames - your Ultranought will be producing these. There are also optional upgrades to improve your ships.rnThe Ultranought is of course not defenseless and can deal plenty of damage.rnVarious upgrades are available to improve your Ultranought during battle.rnEvery defeated opponent will reward a skill point as well.rnrnShortcuts during combat :rn1-4 open ship bays (or start building them)rn5-8 activate actionsrnctrl+click the bays to start autobuildingrnenter or space = build the ship in the active shipbayrnp = pauzernf = speed up

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